How A Photo Booth Benefits Weddings

In the UK at the moment photo booth hire for weddings has become one of the most popular choices of weddingthetahy entertainment as it doesn’t just give the Bride and Groom entertainment, photo booths also bring ultimate fun to the guests, which is what you want as a Bride and Groom hosting a wedding party! Not only do photo booths bring so much fun to wedding events, photo booth systems also provide guests, and more importantly, the Bride and Groom and beautiful way to remember their special wedding event, in the form of printed out photographs that are taken throughout the night in the photo booth.

The photo booth system really fits in to a wedding theme, as it comes in a crisp perfect white colour, the technology of the photo booth is also beautiful, as it’s so ingenious, yet the technology of the photo booth system remains highly user friendly, so guests of all ages are comfortable using the photo booths.

Not only can you take gorgeous pictures in the photo booth system, you can also record wedding messages, which is a perfect way for a

White And Black Decoration Ideas For Weddings

The white and black wedding theme is an elegant and sophisticated theme for all weddings. This is a colour themefkfyhkyf that always looks nice, and is very easy for one to achieve. Whenever you are putting your theme together it’s important that you consider the flowers, invitation, table and reception decorations, wedding favours, and place cards as well as the outfits for the bridal party. Make sure your colour theme is carried along through all aspects of the actual wedding.

Table decorations and wedding reception

When decorating your wedding reception table and venue, there are so many options for you to choose from. Think about decorative holders for candles, table runners, paper lanterns, table scatters and place cards. All of which are very easy for you to obtain in many different colours including white and black. Tea light candles in bags made from paper in many different colour themes will also be able to create a romantic atmosphere, whether indoors or outdoors. There are many different white flowers which you can present in a glass vase tied with a ribbon, or a black box. Another option available

Important Considerations For Outdoor Weddings

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, congratulations! Outdoor weddings are scenic, romantic, and beautiful. If you want to create the perfect outdoor wedding, keep these tips in mind.srhtdeh

Find an Officiant

Some officiants only perform ceremonies in churches or houses of worship. You will have to find someone that will agree to perform your wedding ceremony outside.

Find an Outdoor Wedding Location

You will have to find a location for your outdoor wedding and plan the event around it. You should find a secluded location if you want to prevent distractions and unwanted guests. Some people have their weddings at the park, beach, historic estates, and their own backyard. You will also need a back-up plan if the weather is bad on our wedding day. If the location you choose does not have an indoor facility, you should rent a party tent. In addition, if bathrooms are not available, you should rent port-a-potties.


You will have to make a guest list and purchase invitations for your guests. Many different kinds of invitations are available, and you should not have a problem

10 Things No Wedding Reception Should Be Without

There Is no doubt that a wedding is one of the most difficult things you will ever organise in your lifetime.

There is so much to consider, from venue to service, from family politics to flower arrangements, quite frankly it’s a minefield to navigate before you can enjoy it.

The crown jewel in this mammoth task is, of course, the reception, the part of the evening where you need to keep all of your guests entertain, and manage to enjoy it yourself.

To help you create the perfect reception, we have put together this list of 10 things you shouldn’t be without.


While you may have a meal earlier on in the day with the guests that attended the ceremony, there will be plenty more on the way for the reception. Combining that with the fact that it is a long day of celebrating, you’re likely to need more catering.

A perfect way to tackle this is to have appetisers and/or a buffet throughout the reception to allow people to grab something in between visits to the bar or the dance floor.


One thing most weddings are

5 of the Worlds Most Amazing Destination Wedding Venues

In recent years, the traditional wedding has faded and replaced by a number of new and exciting ways and places to tie the knot.

One of the most popular tends to be destination weddings. The idea that you can marry your one true love in a destination which is either personally significant or simply breathtakingly beautiful is an attractive concept.

So whether you are shopping around for the perfect destination or simply browsing to see what amazing places there are, here are 5 of the worlds most amazing destination wedding venues.

Venice, Italy

A truly one-off destination in itself (known as the floating city), Evince is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. Thousands of love birds flock here every year to take in the architectural beauty and enjoy a peaceful ride on a gondola.

Venice also has great recent form as a wedding destination, with George Clooney and AmalAlamuddingetting married in 2015 in Venice City Hall.

Turks & Caicos

Another which has grown popular with the A-list celebrities, both for holidays and as a destination is the Turks & Caicos Islands.

This utterly stunning group

5 Reasons To Propose With An Antique Engagement Ring

You’ve made the bold yet extremely exciting decision to pop the question to your loved one, but before asking potentially the biggest question of your life, if the pressure wasn’t already high enough, you first of all have to purchase the perfect engagement ring.

However before heading out to your local jewellery store, you might want to pause and instead consider the option of opting for an antique engagement ring instead.

Although you might not have had much experience in purchasing antique jewellery, there is perhaps no better time to choose something which is perhaps a little more unique and sentimental in style than when proposing to your partner.

So let’s take a look at some of the reasons as to why you should consider getting down on one knee with an antique ring!


One of the biggest reasons in justifying why opting for an antique for your proposal could be a fantastic decision is due to the wonderful uniqueness offered by antique jewellery.

Individuality is one of the amazing properties of antique jewellery; every item is slightly different and is therefore the perfect way of proposing with a ring

Its Always The Season For Destination Weddings Destination Weddings

Like any new bride, you’ve probably flipped through the pages of a bridal magazine and fantasized about the destination weddings featured inside. The examples are numerous. There’s the couple exchanging rings at sunset on a Tahitian beach, the scuba divers who somehow declare ‘I do’ through snorkels, and the bride clad in ermine who marries her prince at a Michigan wedding as snow rains down around them.

If these scenarios sound more enticing to you than a traditional wedding at your local place of worship, go ahead – take the chance. Build the destination wedding of your dreams and realize that every season is destination-wedding season. Unlike the stereotypical ‘June’ bride, you are free to marry on Christmas, New Year’s or even Halloween. You are only limited by your imagination.

The following tips should help you as you further plan for your destination wedding.

– Take full advantage of any on-site help. Coordinating a wedding in Jamaica may seem difficult if you are back home in Michigan, working a 40-hour week and dealing with a fiancé who knows nothing about planning a nuptial event. However, the best event planner can completely remove the stress from

Reasons To Use Silk Bouquets For Weddings

It has been said that a wedding isn’t a wedding when the bride isn’t holding a bouquet. The bundled up flowers have been used in weddings since the time of ancient Greeks to symbolize love and happiness. The use of herbs and other plants is almost obsolete these days since flowers are more preferable by brides.

If you have been to countless weddings, you may have noticed that imported flowers are also being used as bouquets. These flowers are imported by the florists from various countries since there are varieties that cannot be cultivated locally. Tulips, lilies, and roses are among the most popular flowers used in bouquets. But they are too expensive for many brides to splurge on, especially if they are just intended for table centerpieces or to decorate the venue.

A good alternative are silk floral bouquets for weddings because they are more cost-effective. Although not every bride will go for silk bouquets, these flowers can be your best solution for a tight wedding budget. Most of the time, the budget for wedding flowers take up at least 15% of the overall costs.

Wedding silk bouquets are also ideal for brides who